About me

My name is Luis Corral I’m a Network Engineer turned Network Architect, currently managing IT teams, living in Chile and working in Astronomy. I started my career working as a freelancer for VARs and MSPs, later moved to the carrier industry serving Mobile Service Providers, and later joined a Swiss contractor to work at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) as a Network Specialist and slowly started to specialize in Telescope Networks. I eventually moved to work as a Network Architect for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project (now Rubin Observatory), and now I’m back at ESO doing something different: being a manager of a group of 15 IT specialists supporting operations for Cerro Paranal, Armazones (home to the E-ELT) and La Silla (on its way to a revival). I was also an Associate Professor at the University of Santiago for about 4 years, teaching mostly Networking and Electronics.

My current research interests are:

“TCP/IP for me” is a personal project where I document issues, configurations, and designs from my day-to-day as a Network Engineer/Architect. At this point in my career, I’m doing more IT infrastructure design, managing people and budget forecasting than doing all the technical deployments and configurations by myself, and I have started to forget a couple of things. As the blog title says, it’s mainly “for me”, but also hoping it will serve some random net warriors passing by; I hope you can find something useful here.

This blog is built on WordPress and the Miniva template. Illustrations are provided by Irasutoya.